UN: Taliban Break Promises on Women and Inclusion


The United Nations’ human rights chief; Michelle Bachelet; said the Taliban were breaking its promises on women’s rights and inclusive governance in Afghanistan.


UN – Taliban

“Contrary to assurances that the Taliban will uphold women’s rights; over the past three weeks; women have been increasingly excluded from the public sphere;” Bachelet told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Bachelet also expressed disappointment with the composition of the Taliban government which did not involve women and was dominated by ethnic Pashtuns.

“(I) am disappointed by the lack of inclusion of the so-called interim cabinet; which does not include women and is slightly non-Pashtun;” Bachelet said.

He stressed that Afghanistan was entering a new and dangerous phase since the Taliban took power on August 15. Violence against protesters and journalists has also increased.

Several demonstrators were even reported killed after the Taliban opened fire in the air to disperse the crowd. Many other demonstrators also claimed to have been beaten by the group.

Another promise that the Taliban broke; said Bachelet; was the issue of granting amnesty to former civil servants and security officers during the Ashraf Ghani administration. He highlighted house-to-house searches of former officials in the previous era.


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The United Nations says it has received multiple reports of searches for those who have worked with US companies and security forces. Some staff also reported increased attacks and threats.

He also admitted to receiving reports regarding the alleged murder of dozens of former members of the Afghan military.

Bachelet then called for a mechanism to monitor rights in Afghanistan.

“I reiterate my call to this Council to take bold and strong action; commensurate with the gravity of this crisis;” he said.

The world is continuing to shine a light on the Taliban; especially as they promised to build an inclusive and moderate government when they took power in mid-August.

They also promised to uphold women’s rights. The current government; said the Taliban; will be different from the 1996-2001 era; which was considered authoritarian and ultraconservative.

Not even a month into the leadership; the Taliban has shown restrictions on women’s movement. They also do not want women representatives to occupy ministerial positions because they think it is not in accordance with Islamic law.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about UN Taliban.