UN Extends Mission in Afghanistan for Next 6 Months


The United Nations Security Council (UN) decided to extend the UN mission in Afghanistan for another six months until March 2022. The UN also called on the Taliban to create an inclusive government.


UN Mission in Afghanistan

The 15-member security council decided to continue the political mission entitled UNAMA which focused on dealing with development issues. Afghanistan has been an important concern since the Taliban seized the government.

In the document, the United Nations stressed the importance of establishing an inclusive and representative government. Currently, the government is made up entirely of members of the Taliban and there are no women.

“Women’s full, equal and meaningful participation, and respect for human rights, including for women, children and minorities,” the UN wrote.

In addition, in this mission, the UN also ensures that it will continue to play a role in the peace and stability of Afghanistan.


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Diplomats said the Taliban had no objection to the extension of the UN mission in Afghanistan.

“They are more pragmatic,” said a UN Afghanistan specialist.

The UN representative also said the Taliban needed a UN presence.

“The Taliban need the UN and this is our influence,” the UN representative said.

The UN Security Council also asked UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to provide monthly briefings on the latest situation in Afghanistan until the end of the mission.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about UN Mission.