North Korea Gives US-South Korea Conditions to End Korean War


North Korea laid out a number of conditions for the United States and South Korea before Pyongyang would negotiate to end the 1950-1953 Korean War.
Through the official state media KCNA; the government led by Kim Jong-un demanded the US-South Korea stop “hostile policies” and double standards towards North Korea.

Previously; North Korea said South Korea’s call for an end to the Korean War; which lasted from 1950-1953; was rushed.


North Korea

Pyongyang said there had been no guarantees from Seoul or Washington to stop this series of “hostile policies”.

“Nothing has changed so far the political situation around the DPRK (North Korea) has remained unchanged; and the hostile policy of the United States has not changed; even though calls to stop war have been made hundreds of times;” North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Thae Song was quoted as saying. reported by Reuters; Friday (24/9).

“US efforts to stop double standards and hostile policies are the top priority in stabilizing the situation on the Korean peninsula and ensuring peace on it;” Ri continued.

The two Koreas are technically still at war. Because the war that occurred in 1950-1953 only ended in an armistice; not a peace treaty.

Prior to Ri’s statement; South Korean President Moon Jae-in repeated his call for an official end to the Korean War in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday (21/9).


Latest Update

Moon is confident that Pyongyang will recognize its interest in dialogue with Washington. However; he is also pessimistic that the moment will arrive during his tenure which will end in 2022.

“It seems that North Korea is still weighing options while opening the door to dialogue; because that only escalates tensions to a low level; enough for the US not to cut off all contacts;” Moon said.

Meanwhile; the US has said it wants continued diplomacy to resolve the crisis surrounding North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

However; North Korea rejected the US offer to engage in dialogue.

North and South Korea’s ballistic missile tests last week also further exacerbated an arms race between the two as peace talks appear to be continuing in place.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about North Korea.