India Alerts for Possible Wave 3 of Covid-19


India’s health system continues to improve to prepare for a possible third wave of Covid-19 infections; which is expected to occur in mid-September to October.
The threat of a third wave of Covid-19 emerged after India detected a significant rise in coronavirus infections to an average of 40;000 cases per day around the end of August after the harvest festival took place two weeks earlier.


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The increase in positive cases of Covid-19 in India in recent times has made the country led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi make various preparations; one of which is supplying 15 thousand tons of oxygen per day to every hospital.

Although the current demand for medical oxygen is much reduced compared to when the second wave of Covid-19 occurred around last April; various producers and the government continue to prepare for the worst-case scenario to avoid a repeat of the corona virus catastrophe.

The Indian government has also increased patient bed capacity in various health facilities across the country.

When the second wave of Covid-19 infections hit; India faced various problems; from lack of oxygen supply to unfinished cremation of bodies.

That is why the Indian government and hospitals are on guard to supply all the needs for Covid-19 treatment tools amid the threat of the third wave of transmission of the SARS-like virus.


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For example; Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi increased its oxygen storage capacity by 50 percent. They also installed a one kilometer long pipe that can deliver oxygen directly to the COVID ICU; and also installed equipment to keep the oxygen flow high.

“Given the possibility of the emergence of a coronavirus mutation; with a higher rate of transmission and immunity; the hospital continues to prepare for the worst;” said Ganga Hospital director Ram Satendra Katoch as quoted by Reuters.

Several Indian states; including Madhya Pradesh; also supply anti-viral drugs such as Remdesivir.

The hospital is also preparing a special ward for children; considering that many children who have not received the vaccine are vulnerable to contracting Covid-19.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about India Covid.