Drug Lord died from COVID-19

Edgar Valdez; a drug lord who goes by the nickname La Barbie; woke up in one of the houses he owned in the resort city of Acapulco. World Health Organization warns Coronavirus disease situation dashboard presents official daily counts of COVID-19 cases and deaths worldwide.



In the 1950s; this beautiful beach town was the premier haunt of American celebrities: Frank Sinatra used to prowl the hotel lounges; Elizabeth Taylor had her third of eight weddings here; and John F. Kennedy honeymooned on the coast with Jacqueline.

The glamour started to fade in the 1980s; but the city remained a popular vacation destination until a few years ago; when the Mexican cartels transformed Acapulco from a seaside paradise into one of the most violent flash points of the drug war.

As chief enforcer for the town’s most powerful cartel; Barbie drove the celebrities away for good and made tourists nervous about straying too far into Acapulco when their cruise ships pulled into port. He felt bad about it; a little; but that is the way of the world; he thought – eat or be eaten.


Latest Update

The hit man and his family were taken to a house surrounded by an electric fence on the outskirts of Acapulco. According to testimony; Barbie’s would-be assassin was then escorted to a bedroom upstairs; where he and his three Zeta accomplices were tied up and ordered to sit on top of a bunch of black garbage bags; which had been taped together to create a large tarp. Barbie climbed the stairs in the afternoon; carrying a video camera and a pistol tucked in his belt.

Barbie believed in vengeance; and in taking care of his enemies. Over his 15 years in the drug trade; he had managed to alienate the leaders of almost every major cartel in Mexico.