Biden asks Trump’s choice of 11 officials to resign or be fired


President Joe Biden has asked 11 officials selected by his predecessor; President Donald Trump; to serve on the advisory board of the United States military academy to resign or be dismissed.


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Some of the officials asked to step down include former White House spokesman Sean Spicer; former senior presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway and former security adviser H.R McMaster.

The three currently serve on the advisory boards of the Naval Academy; Air Force Academy; and Army Academy; respectively.

The news was first revealed from a source to CNN. Shortly after; White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed the resignation request.

“The President’s goal is what any madame president is aiming for; making sure you have candidates and people who are qualified to serve on this board; people who are in line with the values ​​you believe in. So; yes the request has been decided; ” Psaki told reporters.

“I would let others evaluate and think whether Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer; and others are eligible; or are their appointments unpolitical to serve on this council? This is a presidential requirement; not an opening of your party’s list of members; they must qualify;” he added.

There is also Heidi Stirrup; the former White House liaison with the Trump Ministry of Justice.


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In addition; Douglas MacGregor; former US ambassador and controversial Pentagon official. Stirrup and MacGregor were appointed by Trump to the boards of the Air Force and Army Academy.

The request for the resignation of Trump’s elected officials comes; after the US Department of Defense recently restarted the functions of various state advisory boards.

According to the US Air Force Academy website; a military academy advisory board was established to oversee the morals; discipline; social climate; curriculum; instruction; physical training; to academic methods related to the state military academy.

The military academy board meets several times a year and often provides independent advice and recommendations to the president.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about Biden Trump.