Anti-Lockdown Demo in Melbourne, 2 Police Injured

Hundreds of people held anti-lockdown demonstrations in Melbourne on Wednesday (22/9). The demonstration led to clashes; resulting in two police officers being injured.
Melbourne Police also arrested 200 people in demonstrations against the lockdown policy in the region.


Anti-Lockdown Demo

Launching Channel News Asia; this demonstration was carried out to protest the social restrictions imposed in the state of Victoria.

The Victorian government made it mandatory for construction workers to be vaccinated and closed construction sites; citing non-compliance with health regulations. This policy triggered the demonstration.

“There aren’t a lot of merchants involved. There are small breakaway groups that see the benefits of hijacking these things;” Guenther said.

“We have a lot of resources. We will change our tactics tomorrow; if that’s what we need to do. But of course; my message is; don’t come to town.”

Not only that; demonstrators are also looking with a fine of AU$5;000 (Rp51 million) for violating Covid-19 directives; added Guenther.


Latest News

“There were some people out there who you would say are from the building industry;” Victoria State Prime Minister Daniel Andrews told reporters.

“There are others who are not…they are not there to protest. <=They are there to fight; pretend demonstrations.”

Major Australian cities; such as Sydney; Melbourne and Canberra; will close for weeks to suppress the spread of the Delta variant. This lockdown is the sixth time for Melbourne.

Meanwhile; Victoria recorded 628 new positive cases on Wednesday (22/9).

As of September 21; the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia alone reached 88;710. On the same day; the positive number in the country increased by 1;609; reported Worldometers.

Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about Anti-Lockdown Demo.