Afghan refugees and those trapped during the Taliban takeover

Taliban forces successfully surrounded the Afghan capital; Kabul on Sunday (15/8/2021) as the United States (US) was evacuating diplomats from its embassy by helicopter. Taliban Successfully Enter Afghanistan’s Capital.


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Former British prime minister Tony Blair; a key figure in the war against terror and the conflict in Afghanistan in 2001; broke his silence on the U.S. withdrawal Sunday; calling the “abandonment” of the Afghan people “tragic; dangerous; unnecessary.”

As the leader of Britain; he decided in 2001 to join the United States; under President George W. Bush; in entering the war in Afghanistan; where more than 450 British forces have since died during the almost 20-year conflict. He left office in 2007.

The signal that U.S. troops could undertake enhanced efforts to rescue people outside the airport came as the Biden administration scrambles to fly thousands of people per day out of Afghanistan, and amid signs there were still significant bottlenecks to doing so. All gates at the Kabul airport were closed on Saturday, as crowds continued to swell inside and the U.S. government struggled to process people quickly enough to alleviate the issues.


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Blair also warned that Russia; China and Iran could now take advantage of the fragile situation in Afghanistan; with other nations regarding commitments from Western leaders as “unstable currency.”

However; he went on to criticize the recent U.S.-led withdrawal of troops from the country; lambasting it for being motivated by politics instead of strategy.

The Pentagon on Saturday strongly hinted that U.S. troops may stage further operations outside the Kabul airport to help evacuate stranded American citizens and Afghans who aided the war effort; as the threat of violence in the capital grows amid the return of the Taliban’s top political leader and increased concern about potential attacks by the Islamic State.